Best Joint Supplement for Arthritic and Geriatric Cats

If your cats live long enough, they are going to get some form of arthritis. It starts off mild in felines, then progressively will get worse over time, especially if left untreated. Arthritis could show up on a cat’s x-ray when they are around 12 years old, but symptoms of the disease probably won’t occur until years later. This is why if your cat is getting older or is currently middle aged you should seriously consider getting a good joint supplement for your kitty.

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Arthritis and Why You Need a Cat Joint Supplement

There are four stages of arthritis that your cat could experience as it gets older. They are inflammation, mild symptoms (inflammatory cartilage damage) mild pain (limping, short strides, joints don’t bend like they used to), and moderate to severe pain (cat looks like it is walking on eggshells). Age 17 or 18 is when the symptoms will many times begin in cats, and if they are over 20 then they almost always need arthritis medications and/or joint supplements. The later more serious stages can be avoided by giving your cat a joint supplement on a regular basis, starting now.

Cats are more likely to develop arthritis in their elbows and spine. Your vet will gently bend, pull and stretch certain areas to try to pinpoint where the pain is coming from. They will be able to tell they’ve found it when they stretch the cat’s body a certain way and the kitty jerks away. This indicates that it is sore in that area, and that there is possibly inflammation caused by developing arthritis.

The disease that cats are susceptible to getting is called DJD, or Degenerative Joint Disease. It’s when the cartilage that surrounds your cat’s joints deteriorates slowly over time. This is not to be confused with arthritis, which is only when the joints become inflamed. If your cat only has arthritis, and you begin to take care of it early by doing things like giving them an effective joint supplement for cats, then your pet’s chances of developing DJD are cut tremendously.

Visual Signs That a Cat Joint Supplement is Needed

Arthritis is nothing to be afraid of as the pet’s parent, as it is very common in cats. It’s important to pay attention to, because for your kitty it can be very painful. So, the earlier the treatment the better. There are some visual signs that your cat may be developing the disease. For example, let’s say that ever since you had your cat it has been as active and playful as can be. If all of a sudden they become less playful and lively, there could be pain in their joints.

Those slower body movements may be from deterioration of joints.  If your cat is older and is acting this way, then a trip to the vet is very necessary. Changes in mood probably accompany this less physical motion, and your cat may seem sad because he is used to lots of movement but now his body has brought about changes that affect his activity level, and his attitude may seem dreary or depressed.

Arthritis may also bring about problems standing and/or jumping, and your cat may hesitate to leap when normally he would. The cause may be arthritis pain in his back legs. He probably doesn’t want to jump up onto, say, a higher table, because of spinal pain, and wouldn’t want to jump from a higher level to a lower one because he’ll come down onto his painful front legs.

Also, you may notice that either your cat doesn’t groom himself as much, or that it is having trouble doing so. This can be very frustrating for a feline, being that it is a natural habit to lick and clean several times a day. If the arthritis is mostly in their spine, then it would be quite painful to reach all the way around and clean their hard to reach areas. A cat joint supplement could remedy this wonderfully, and yours can get back to being his old self.

Another thing to pay attention to is how your cat gets in and out of the litter box. If you notice as they enter and exit that they are holding their leg in a stiff way, as if they don’t want to bend it, then you need to go see a vet. Your cat is experiencing soreness, and it’s hurting them every time they have to go to the bathroom! As the loving owner, surely you don’t want your furry friend to have to go through that.

5 Best Joint Supplements for Cats

Quick Look : Best Joints Supplements for Cats in 2022

Once a good joint supplement is used on a regular basis, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your pet is healthy from the inside out. Here are some of the best on the market.

Nutramax Cosequin Capsules Joint Health Cat Supplement Check Price

Nutramax Cosequin Capsules Joint Health Cat Supplement

Cosequin is a specially designed joint supplement just for cats. Specially designed to provide vital nutrients to support arthritic joints this product is a fan favorite of cat owners.

Strict Manufacturing Processes

Nutramax touts their supplement manufacturing as being similar to standards that the pharmaceutical industry has in place. In addition to the rigid procedures they use to ensure consistent quality this brand is also highly recommended by veterinarians.

Not Just for Joint Health

Cosequin is also commonly recommended by vets for cats affected by urinary bladder issues.


  • Supports and maintains cartilage health
  • Great reviews from owners of geriatric cats


  • Might not be the best choice for cats who refuse pills

Glycoflex Joint Support Check Price

Glycoflex Joint Support

Do you want a great joint support formula for your cat that tastes wonderful? Well, Glycoflex Joint Support is flavored like chicken liver!

Helps Senior Cats

So you’ve had your cat for years, and now you noticed that he’s beginning to feel his age. You knew it was bound to happen, but your feline friend feeling stiff and achy kind of snuck up on you. If you are beginning to miss the old days when your cat would run and jump freely, but now because of arthritis he doesn’t, Glycoflex is the perfect supplement to bring him back to better health. The formula loosens and lubricants joints in cats, even if yours has picked up weight with age and is putting much more pressure on his joints than he used to.

Great Tasting

Your cat knows you as much as you know him. So, why should you try to slip a supplement pill into this food and just hope that he’ll eat it, especially when this Glycoflex chew tastes so good. You want your cat to see his supplement as a delicious treat to eat, and this one tastes like chicken liver.


  • Veterinarians have backed this formula for more than 30 years
  • Good for multiple joint related issues like aging and weight gain


  • On very rare occasions cats don’t like the chicken liver taste

Joint Max Liquid for Cats Check Price

Joint Max Liquid for Cats

If your cat has gotten older and your vet has diagnosed him with bone cartilage deterioration, use Joint Max Liquid for Cats to help your feline friend feel revitalized.

Fights Achy, Stiff Joints

When cats get older, they will many times feels stiffness and soreness in their joints. This is because, over time, cartilage (the soft area between your cat’s bones) breaks down, and the more it does the more your cat aches on a daily basis. Cat owners use supplements such as this one to remedy that problem, and build back up the cartilage while also lubricating your cat’s joints that hurt during the process.

Easy to Give to Your Cat

Liquids are some if the easiest formulas to give your cat for joint pain relief. With this one, all you really need to do is mix it in with or pour it on top of your cat’s food. Your feline won’t even realize that you are providing a healthy addition to their meal. But, after a little time goes by, you will notice that your older kitty is feeling better, is more active, and acting like he did in his younger days.


  • Effectively lubricates your cats joints
  • Rebuilds cartilage


  • May have to apply twice a day for best results, so you may have to purchase more

Nutrivet Hip and Joint Extra Strength Salmon Flavor Paw Gel for Cats Check Price

Maybe you’re thinking ahead, and wanting your cat to have good joints for their entire life, not just when they get older. If that sounds like you, then you’ll be doing your cats long-term health a favor by giving him Nutrivet Hip and Joint Extra Strength Salmon Flavor Paw Gel for Cats a couple of times every day.

Tastes Like One of Cats Favorite Foods

It’s hard to meet a cat that doesn’t like salmon, and this gel supplement will have them licking there paws happily. While your cat is enjoying the taste, you’ll be enjoying the fact that this supplement has joint ingredients in it like Vitamin C, which helps with the reformation of broken down bones and cartilage.


Although the tube of this is very small at only 3 ounces, it’s very affordable, so you can buy a bunch of them at one time. For the best results, you should apply it to your cat paws twice a day, and let him lick away. And, at that price, you could feel comfortable doing so without breaking the bank.


  • A nice, joint healthy reward for your cat
  • Good for cats of all ages, not just older ones


  • You may or may not be able to use this cat joint supplement if yours is pregnant, so check with your veterinarian first

American Journey Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Liquid Dog & Cat Supplement Check Price

For an easy to administer joint supplement with arthritis reversing effects, try Extend Joint Care for Cats.

Reverses Joint Damage

Your cat likely has had arthritis for a long time, since he was around twelve years old, but the symptoms and pain didn’t start happening until a few years later. This gave the arthritis some time to set in, and now you are worried that the deterioration of the cartilage is something that your cat may not be able to come back from. But, Extend Joint Care is especially made to reverse the effects of aging around your cat’s joints and make him feel much more flexible, mobile, and overall more comfortable on a daily basis.

Money Back Guarantee

In four to six weeks, take your cat back to the vet, and the makers of Extend say you will see positive results. The developers of this wonderfully helpful formula are so confident that your cat will recover from the effects of age-induced arthritis that, if you are not satisfied, they will give you your money back, no questions asked.


  • Relieves joints and reverses effects of arthritis
  • Easy to mix with cat food


  • Rarely, a full serving may cause some cats to have upset stomach. If this happens, it’s recommended that you switch to half servings.

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