Best Cat Scratching Post

The home of a “cat person” is often visibly distinct in numerous ways. One of these distinctive characteristics is often the presence of a cat scratching post. These posts can actually be very decorative and inviting for humans, but of course, they are there to improve the lives of both humans and cats in more ways than one.

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Keeping Kittens Occupied

Kittens are energetic and curious little creatures that often need something to do. In an indoor environment, it may be difficult to find activities for them. Scratching posts are particularly great for kittens because one of the things that kittens like doing more than anything is scratching. Many posts also provide opportunities for kittens to climb and to play with dangling toys.

In addition to activity, scratching posts also give kittens something to bond with. It creates a place of comfort and allows kittens to feel at home. This will help to prevent behavioral problems that could occur later.

Providing a Social Nexus

Cats are both social and territorial creatures.

If you have more than one cat, a scratching post can actually become sort of a center for cat society in your home. That is where they will bond with each other.

This only applies to large scratching areas, however. For smaller scratching areas, note that cats’ territorial instincts will often kick in, causing them to mark their favorite scratcher with their own scent with the intent of keeping the other cats away.

Saving Your Furniture

All cats – not just kittens – like to scratch. This can be a huge problem if you have, well, pretty much any furniture at all. Which you probably do. The result of several years of scratching on any piece of furniture is not pretty. Any cat owner probably knows all about frayed upholstery, curtains reduced to thin ribbons, and stained wood that has had all of its staining scraped away.

One of the great advantages of having a scratching post is that it gives your cats, young and old, an outlet for their scratching needs that does not include the destruction of expensive furniture. The texture of most scratching posts is such that it is much more pleasant for cats to scratch than other surfaces. In this way, the scratching post acts as a magnet for scratching activity, (hopefully) causing your cats to leave your $3,000 couch alone.

Maintaining Your Cat’s Health

Scratching is not just an idle activity that cats engage in. It is actually quite important for the health of your cat.

Your cat’s claws comprise an important aspect of its health. People often think that cat claws are like our adult teeth: they are set in place and not going to change. In truth, cat claws are more like our fingernails in that they are always growing.

As your cat’s claws grow, your cat will need to strip off the old layers of its claws to keep them in good shape. A scratching post helps your cat to do this by providing a surface that is strong and coarse enough to do this.

Another thing your cat needs is exercise, and a scratching post helps by providing that. When your cat is able to scratch forcefully on the post, this allows your cat to work its muscles in a way that it cannot do by simply walking around or scratching softer surfaces.

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Common Questions

There are a few questions you may still have. We’ll address those next.

What are the best materials?

Your scratching material should be tactile and strong enough to provide enough resistance when your cat pulls on it with its claws. It should also be coarse enough to provide friction that will adequately remove old claw tissue.

Cat scratching posts and other scratchers come in various shapes and sizes, but most of them are covered in sisal rope, jute rope, or carpet. Generally speaking, cats tend to prefer sisal or jute rope over carpet, as it fits the aforementioned characteristics better. However, that is not an absolute thing.

What kinds of cat scratching posts are available? Which is best?

There are many varieties of cat scratching posts on the market. One may be no more than a post covered in carpet. Another may be a “cat hotel” with numerous cubbyholes for lots of cats.

Some cat scratching posts are made to look like other objects, like trees, flowers, or animals.

In selecting between these, there is no one right answer. Just think about what works best with your home’s interior and the personality of your cat. You are the best judge.

What problems can a cat scratching post cause?

There are some issues to take into consideration with your scratching posts.

One issue is related to pica, or the tendency for cats to try to eat non-food items.

Cats exhibiting symptoms of pica have been known to chew and actually ingest carpet fibers, especially from carpeted scratching posts. Cats that ingest these fibers will usually vomit them up again a little later.

Your cat scratching post will not cause pica, but cats with pica will often show a preference for some materials over others. If your cat starts eating material from your scratching post, you may want to try to substitute it with a scratching post that is covered with a different kind of material.

Another possible solution may be to get your cat a flavorful bone to chew on or a chewtoy made of rawhide.

How many cat scratching posts should I have?

This depends on how many cats you have and how much time your cat or cats spend in each room.

A home with many cats should have many scratching posts. This is because cats tend to get territorial, especially with smaller scratchers. Dominant cats will mark their favorite scratching posts with their scents and intimidate other cats that try to use them. Make sure that you have enough scratching posts for each cat to have one.

How large should my cat scratching post be?

As noted above, you should have multiple scratching posts. This being the case, you can have scratching posts in various sizes. A common practice is to have a single big one that kind of becomes a communal scratching post with numerous smaller scratching posts in other rooms that various cats can claim if they desire.

Should I get a cat scratching post or a mat?

The only real difference between a cat scratching post and a cat scratching mat is orientation.

There is nothing intrinsically superior to having either a horizontal or vertical scratching surface.

Individual cats do tend to show preferences for either horizontal or vertical surfaces, however, so you may want to give your cats options.

If your cat is currently scratching your walls or furniture, it may prefer a vertical scratching post. If your cat is currently scratching your carpet floor or the seats of your sofa, it may prefer a horizontal scratching mat.

Note, though, that most cat scratching posts include a horizontal scratching surface, though this may have a covering different from that of the vertical post.

Recommendations for Your Cat Scratching Post

Quick Look : Best Cat Scratching Post in 2022

There is no shortage of options out there for cat scratching posts. However, if you want to make sure to purchase a product that best fits the needs of both you and your cat, it is best to rely on the collective wisdom of people who have actually used these products. The following cat scratching posts are some of the best around and highly recommended.

Armarkat 65-Inch Cat Tree Check Price

Armarkat 65-Inch Cat Tree

This tall cat tree provides a sturdy wood frame that supports six levels and multiple posts of scratching enjoyment. The posts are covered in sisal rope, which is very sturdy while still giving cats a high level of satisfaction in scratching. As for the platforms, the company offers three options of covering for them: faux fleece, faux wool, and carpet.

In addition to its bottom floor and five platforms, the tree also includes a hammock, a tepee, a rope, and a dangling ball for cats to play with.


  • Durable wood frame
  • Plenty of space for climbing
  • Reasonable footprint
  • Variety of activities and surfaces for cats


  • Some owners may find it too tall
  • Significant amount of assembly required

Armarkat Premium 57-inch Cat Tree Check Price

Armarkat Premium 57-inch Cat Tree

This model is similar to other Armarkat models in that it is composed of a sturdy wood frame with posts covered in sisal rope and features your choice of faux fleece, faux wool, or carpet for its flat surfaces. Its base is comprised of a large cat apartment that easily fits two cats. Above that, it has three posts that hold up three platforms for cats to sit on, as well as a connection on the bottom of the top platform for a dangling toy.


  • Extra-large cat apartment is great for multi-cat homes
  • Moderately high without being too high
  • Plenty of space for climbing
  • Reasonable footprint


  • Unusually shaped octagon base

Frisco 72-Inch Cat Tree Check Price

Frisco 72-Inch Cat Tree

This extra-tall cat tree includes a wide rectangular base, six platforms, two cat apartments, and two scratchboard ramps. With its height and many levels, it offers cats some of the best climbing and jumping opportunities available. The model also comes with multiple dangling toys that you can place on different levels to give your cats the opportunity to feel the hunting sensations that they crave. With over 1,000 five-star reviews, this model is clearly one of the best options out there.


  • Plenty of platforms for climbing and lounging
  • Plenty of activities for cats to play
  • Two cat apartments, providing ample napping space
  • Diagonal ramps increase climbing opportunities


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • May be too tall for some owners
  • Significant amount of assembly required

Frisco 33.5-Inch Scratching Post/Tower Check Price

Frisco 33.5-Inch Scratching Post/Tower

If you are looking for simplicity – just a cat scratching post, no frills – this model gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t need. The sisal texturing on the post provides cats with a durable and satisfying scratching surface, and at 33.5 inches, it is tall enough to let cats fully stretch out and work the muscles in their legs, shoulders, and hips.

On top of the post sits a single platform. Cats can either leap or climb to get there, and it is high enough to provide a great vantage point where they can see everything around them.


  • Simple and affordable
  • Takes up very little space
  • Minimal assembly required


  • Dominant cats may not let others use it
  • Does not provide much opportunity for climbing or jumping
  • Does not contribute to a communal environment

Trixie Tavira 15.25-Inch Kitten Tree & Scratching Post Check Price

This model is the smallest of the ones recommended here. At 15.25 inches in height, it can provide for the scratching needs of kitties in even the smallest of domiciles. With its soft faux fur as well as tough sisal surfaces, it gives your little cats options in their clawing needs. It also gives cats three dangling balls to strike at. So let your little hunters paw with impunity!

The clawing arch is designed to provide something for your cats to both climb on top of and snuggle up underneath. This adds to this model’s space-conscious design.

Due to its small size, this model is recommended for kittens and for breeds of cats that remain smaller in adulthood.


  • Great for small apartments
  • Great for small cats and kittens
  • Affordable
  • Minimal assembly required


  • Not much opportunity for climbing or jumping
  • Does not contribute to a communal environment

GoPetClub 48-inch Cat Tree Check Price

For the cat owner who wants to provide a large enough scratching post and play area for his or her cats, optimal use of space is vital. With this scratching post cat tree model, you can have a spacious and fun area for your cats to climb and scratch to their hearts’ content without having it occupy your living space in an awkward way.

With its right-angle three-post design, this model fits neatly into the corner of any apartment or house.

In addition to being high enough to give your cats a real climbing experience, this cat tree offers a long swinging rope, a cat apartment, and a sisal rope-covered ladder that they can bound up and down all day.

And of course, let’s not forget the importance of the three columns of cat scratching posts. All are covered with highly durable sisal fibers to provide comfortable, long-lasting clawing for your cats.


  • Plenty of jumping and climbing opportunities
  • Fits well into corners
  • High enough without being too high


  • Significant assembly required
  • Despite its convenient shape, the footprint is still quite large

Frisco 28-Inch Cat Tree Check Price

Frisco 28-Inch Cat Tree

With a coat to match its playful spirit, this cat tree gives your cats a tubular walk on the wild side.

To provide for the clawing needs of your cats, this cat tree offers dual sisal-covered scratching posts and a sisal-covered horizontal scratching rail. The rest of its surfaces are covered in leopard print faux fur. These include a broad baseboard, a mid-level platform, and a cylindrical little cat apartment. There are also two dangling balls perfect for attacking with little claws or teeth.

As a mid-sized cat tree with multiple scratching areas, this model is ideal for homes with one to two cats.


  • Fun and distinct design
  • Enough opportunities for climbing and jumping without being too high
  • Great for two-cat homes


  • Leopard print may not be for everyone
  • Some assembly required

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