The Best Cat Condo : Top Spots for Kitties Who Climb and Hide

Most cats love to jump, explore, and romp just as much as they like to cuddle up for the kind of nap that’s named after them. Give your kitty a place in your home that’s built just for him. Cat condos are great places for your cat to feel safe and secure, get a great view of the house, or even get exercise.

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You’ll find a great deal of variety among cat condos, and it is essential to choose the right one. The wrong condo might take up too much space, wear out quickly, or worst of all, your cat won’t want to go near it.

So how can you pick a condo that will fit well in your house, be of lasting quality, and be a fav hangout spot for your pet? Let’s go over the details of choosing a condo. After that, we’ll talk about some of the best options on the market today.

What is the Best Cat Condo?

How To Choose the Best Cat Condo

When choosing a cat condo, you need to balance your preference with your cat’s preferences. If either of you isn’t happy with the purchase, it will be a waste of money. In general, you need a condo that fits your budget, will look great in your living space and will be easy to take care of.

Your cat wants a condo that feels great, is fun to play in and gives him some options for stretching and exercise if he’s still of an age where that is important. Let’s break these general needs down into specific categories so that you can be clear about how to choose the cat condo that will be just right for both you and your furry friend.

Condo Size

How big is your living space? Some people live in large homes, where a six-foot tree with condo compartments would fit in just fine. Others of us live in small apartments and need a condo that is compact and could even fold up for storage when the in-laws are in town.

When choosing a cat condo, you should first look around your living area and start to imagine where you might put it. Take some measurements and get an idea of the dimensions that you can accommodate. While you have the measuring tape in hand, measure your kitty. You will want to buy a condo that he can stretch out in comfortably.

Material Used

Cat condos come in many different kinds of materials. From carpeting to nylon, you’ll see various textures which affect the way your cat will feel when hanging out in his new kingdom. Some condos are built with soft, plush material that is great for face rubbing and nuzzling. Others include sisal fiber for scratching or fabric that can be folded up.

With so many options, how can you determine what fabric will be a good fit for you and your cat? One clue that you can use is to think about your cat’s preferences. What areas of the house do they tend to spend time in?

If soft blankets are your pet’s go to, then look for a condo with plush surface areas. If you’ve had a cat condo or tree in the past that your cat loved, try to remember what materials were used. These clues will help you discern which new condo to buy.

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How Many Cats?

Some cat condos are built for multiple cats. Others are best suited for just one. If you have multiple cats, make sure that you get a cat condo that can fit all of them, so that they don’t have to fight over the space. If your cats love to snuggle up together, look for a condo with a bed are big enough for both of them.


Any way you slice it, your cat condo will take up space in your home. This means that you will have to look at it regularly, so shop for cat condos with the appearance in mind. Think as an interior decorator would. You may want to consider getting a cat condo in a color that matches the existing color palate of the room in which you plan to put it.

Don’t get a cat condo that you feel is an eyesore. When you shop for cat condos and trees, you will find images accompanying the product. Look carefully at the picture and try to place it in your space.

Will it blend in, or stick out like a sore thumb? The condos we’ve reviewed below are in neutral tones so that they will fit in with most homes. We didn’t’ include any that are aesthetically displeasing.

Extra Features

Does your kitty love to swat at dangling toys, or poke her paws through holes? Give your pet a place to use her playful energy. Cat condos can come with a variety of features, including dangling toys, scratching posts, scratchboard ramps, peek-a-boo holes, and jingle bells.

You know your cat the best. What activities does she love? Look for a condo with a few fun features so that your cat will be entertained in her new space.

Price Of The Condo

We’ve seen cat condo prices across the board, from $8 to almost $200. Don’t buy a condo for a few dollars. You might as well set up a cardboard box instead of spending the money. For a condo that you and your cat will love, which is built to last,  you will likely need to pay at least $30.

The condos that we have reviewed below are in the price range of $30 to $79 dollars. Within this price range, you can find kitty kingdoms that are built to last, are made with inviting and practical materials and have excellent features.

How Will You Clean It?

Cleaning is a relevant category to consider because if you buy the right condo, your cat will spend a great deal of time there. This means that over time, the unit will likely get to be a little bit smelly or fur-covered. If you own an outdoor cat, choose a condo that can be washed. For an indoor cat, a condo that can be vacuumed and spot cleaned will be just fine.

Reviewed: Best Cat Condos

Quick Look : Best Cat Condos in 2022

We’ve arrived at the exciting part of this post: our reviews! Here are the best cat condos that we’ve discovered on the market today. As you read through these reviews, keep your unique situation in mind. You already know the dimensions of your space and have measured your cat. Remember your budget, size requirements, and cleaning needs.

Frisco 72” Cat Tree Check Price

Frisco 72” Cat Tree

This cat condo and tree combination is perfect for multiple-cat households with plenty of space for a kitty kingdom. It is an excellent value for $67 because it comes with ten scratching posts, two scratchboard ramps, dangling toys, and two private enclosed compartments.

Because it includes so much space for jumping, scratching, and napping, this condo tree combo takes up quite a bit of space and is on the heavy side. It measures 27 by 39 by 72 inches and is 63 lbs. All told, that’s 6 feet in height, so that your cat can tower above the household. If you have a dominant cat who loves to be a lion of pride rock, this would be an excellent buy.

The material used on the private compartments is very soft — perfect for face rubbing and nuzzling. The fabric won’t come off, so plan on spot cleaning and vacuuming to keep this playground tidy and fresh.


  • Six feet in height so your cat can enjoy a view of the heights
  • Lots of space for romping and playing
  • Ten scratch posts
  • Made of soft material
  • Includes dangling toys


  • Takes up space
  • Extensive assembly required

Frisco 24” Two Story Cat Condo Check Price

Frisco 24” Two Story Cat Condo

This compact condo is an affordable option for pet owners on a budget. It is $35 and measures two feet in height, and 16.5 by 16.5 inches at the base. It has two private compartments, plus a top bed area, so in theory, it could house three cats at once.

It is made of soft material plus two sides of woven sisal for scratching. This unit is straightforward. It would be great to put by a window, to give kitties a comfy place for security, rest, and a beautiful view. The materials can’t be removed, so again this condo will have to be vacuumed and spot cleaned. It weighs 18 lbs. total, and there is no assembly required.

If you have a cat that loves to perch on the sides or top of your sofa and is creating wear, consider getting this condo. You’ll prevent uneven wear on your furniture by giving your cat his very own place to slumber, that is built just for him. He’ll get the height and protection he desires, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing he won’t wear down your thousand dollar couch.


  • Compact size great for tight spaces
  • Two stories tall
  • Made of soft material
  • Two fiber rope sides (sisal) for scratching


  • Material can’t be removed for cleaning

Midwest Curious Cube Cat Bed Check Price

Midwest Curious Cube Cat Bed

The Midwest Curious Cube cat bed is by far the best option for a condo that will take up minimal space. If you live in close quarters or are looking for a “second home” for your kitty who already has a tree in another room than the curious cube could be just right. This unit measures 15 by 15 by 16.5 inches and is the smallest of all of the houses we’ve reviewed here.

In addition to the compact size, this unit also folds up so that it can be easily stored away in a closet. It includes one private compartment as well as a top bed. The top bed measures 11 by 11 inches, which might be on the small size for some of our fatter feline friends. It comes with a bolster pillow covered with faux sheepskin,  that can be lifted out for cleaning purposes.

The entire unit weighs just seven pounds, so you can quickly move it around the house. There’s a touch of assembly required, but it’s minimal. For entertainment purposes, the unit has fun hanging toys, bells, and even little holes for hide-and-seek.


  • Can be folded and stored
  • Top cushion can be removed for cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Hanging toys, bells, and hide-and-seek holes for entertainment


  • Could be too small for some cats
  • Not ideal for multiple cat households

K&H Pet Products Hanging Cat Condo Check Price

K&H Pet Products Hanging Cat Condo

This hanging cat condo is unique because it can be positioned on the back of a door. This makes it a neat option for houses where an extensive cat kingdom simply isn’t an option, yet you want lots of levels and space for exercise in your cat condo. The Hanging Cat Condo comes with five layers that are all connected, and seven holes so that multiple kitties can play and explore.

Besides being an exciting play space for active cats, this condo is user-friendly for owners too. It requires minimal assembly, it can be folded for easy storage, and it comes in a creative, space-saving design. It is made of waterproof Nylon which can be washed for a sparkling clean effect. Though on the high side of the price spectrum, it is still a great deal at the current price point.

If you have a household of active kitties, this is a good buying option. Cats naturally love to climb and explore, and this condo gives them space to do just that. Elderly cats, however, might not be the best fit for this unit. The compartments do not have padding, so your cat’s sensitive joints won’t get the cushioning they deserve.


  • Five levels encourage exercise and play
  • Seven holes for exploration
  • Provides privacy and fun for multiple cats
  • Mounts on back of a door to save space in the house
  • Waterproof nylon can be washed and steamed
  • Folds for easy storage


  • Lacks soft cushions and padding

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